Our young female runner ducks started laying at around 4 months of age but it took them about a month more to start producing more or less stable-sized eggs with yolk inside.

The birds are still undergoing the typical calibration period of the laying apparatus (a funny term we saw in literature) so some of the eggs are double yolkers.

Here are some eggs to show the range of their sizes during the first month of laying.

Assortment of eggs of young ducks

And here is a double yolker beside a normal yolk. My observations show that if an egg weighs at least 80 grams, there are chances I’ll find two yolks inside.

Double yolker

The cool thing about the young ducks laying is that for the first time, we are facing autumn with ducks that are laying, instead of the whole flock going through the molt. Moreover, it seems that at least one of the elder ducks that went through the molt in the summer, has started to lay again, too.

Omelette du fromage!